Analytics / Reporting

Just because your website has launched doesn't mean we are out of the picture. In fact just the opposite! A great website can only help generate new patients for you when lots of people are finding your site.

Statistic analysis Physio123 will constantly monitor your website statistics, we look at popular entry and exit points, popular content and other optimisation strategies to make sure that your website is producing the highest possible return on investment.

Physio123 uses several tools which enable us to measure your website's performance. The information that we get from these reporting tools allow us to decide what to do in order to achieve success for your website. Visitor tracking software is set up which informs us:
  • Who is coming to your website?
  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • What search keywords are they using?
  • How does your web marketing compare to your competitors?
  • What is your conversion rate from visitors into leads and sales?
  • How well is your marketing budget being spent?
Things that Physio123 analyse include:
  • Visitor and Content Summaries
  • Sources of referral
  • Navigation Paths
  • Referring Keywords
  • Conversion path analysis
  • Amount of time that visitors spend on your site
  • User Trends
  • Repeat visits & new users
In order to maximise your patient referrals this information is crucial. Physio123 are experts at analysing this kind of data and we use the results to constantly make improvements to your site. Any changes which are required in order to increase the user friendliness of your site and to increase your visitor numbers will be taken care of by us.

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