Usable Websites

How user friendly a website is and not how visually attractive it is, will determine how successful it becomes. Because at the end of the day if it is not easy to use then you may as well not have it at all.

What is usability?

How easy your website is to navigate, view and to get the information needed is what makes it user friendly. One of the most important aspects of designing a website that is effective is making it user friendly.

In order to incorporate Website Usability the web designer will have to have knowledge in both computing and technical issues as well as human behaviour issues. The computing and technical issues would include things like browser characteristics, screen resolution and operating systems and human behaviour issues would include cognitive behaviour (like recognition and memory) as well as communication theory.

Every website that Physio123 design will be created with usability in mind.

How Physio123 works to improve usability:
  • Reducing the amount of time it takes to complete tasks on your website
  • Reducing the amount of mistakes that are made
  • Reducing the amount of time for learning
  • Getting rid of the possibility of errors
  • Increasing visitor satisfaction with a particular system
  • quick loading websites
  • creating easy to navigate websites
  • create sitemaps
  • provide a site search feature where appropriate
Physio123 know how important it is to make your website user friendly. When we design your website we will take this into account. We will be making sure that we will create your website to become more than just an ‘online brochure’ as we are experts in internet marketing too. That is why we want to make your website a powerful marketing tool so it will improve your business. Including usability as a main aspect of designing your website means that we will ensure that your practice will benefit from your website.

Physio123 create websites that will work hard for your practice by making sure we concentrate on the goals of your site as well as the usability of it. Our websites will ensure that you meet your goals by generating more patients for your business. It doesn't matter which package you choose as all will ensure that your website is designed to ensure performance. Every website created by us will be search engine and user friendly. If your website isn't working hard for your practice you should talk to us.

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