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The internet is full of websites for thousands of different products and services. Almost every successful business will have their own website and anyone who wants to ensure the success of their business will be looking to set up a website which will promote their company or product.

Super websites If you too would like to have a website for your company, there are plenty of companies who can help. For those who would like to set up a website to promote a physiotherapy practice, Physio123 is here to help. We are professionals in the business of setting up websites for physiotherapy practices. The reason we are at the top of our field is that we can guarantee to provide websites which have been designed to the highest professional standards and search engine marketing that will be sure to drive traffic your way.

Professional designs of the highest quality

You must be clear with the goal of your website. What do you want your website to achieve for your practice? Usually the main aim of a website for a physiotherapy practice is to entice new patients to book an appointment. The way we can help you to achieve this is by:
  • Making sure that your website is designed appropriately with images that will provide a professional appearance for your practice and which will encourage visitors to book an appointment.
  • We can use websites to help our clients to improve their image and increase their client base.
  • Build user friendly websites that will ensure that visitors find exactly what they need from your site. Our websites will be informative and easy to navigate.
Our website portfolio will show off some of the websites that we have created and the quality is there for all to see. Each and every one of our websites is unique so you can be sure that no competitors will have the same design.

Search engine marketing

After your website has been created, the next important step is to direct visitors to your site. There is no point in having a professionally designed website unless visitors are able to find it. That is where search engine marketing comes in. We can make sure that your website appears high up in the results of search engines for specific terms. For example if your physiotherapy clinic was located in central Sydney you would want your website to be one of the first results for terms such as ("Sydney physiotherapy", "Physios in Sydney", "Sydney Physiotherapists" or "Physiotherapy Sydney").

Physio123 promise our customers that we will endeavour to get their websites ranking high in the search engine results for certain specific terms. We do this by search engine marketing in the following ways:
  • The process of SEO (search engine optimisation), ensures that Physio123 can guarantee that search engines will place you highly in their results pages.
  • Physio123 also use Google Adwords campaigns in order to get more traffic to your website. These campaigns involve pay per click marketing and we can ensure that you will get a great return on your investment.
  • When we create your websites Physio123 uses code which is search engine user friendly. These codes work to ensure that your website is seen as professional and search engines will recognise your site and what it is about. These codes help your website to reach the highest rankings from the search engines.

Proven Results

We have worked hard to get our websites ranking highly in the search engines and our portfolio of websites shows proof of the results. If you want to have a look for yourself, then just look at our SEO portfolio.

If you need more information on how we can be of assistance to you, just call us right away.


Physio123 is available worldwide. Providing web-based services gives us the opportunity to work with physiotherapists from across the world. For more information and for prices in your local currency, please contact us.


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